Bike shed cc


not sure if this is full of hipsters or not, but still sounds quite interesting


you getting back in to riding? gonna get a bike? :smiley:

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I do miss it, have been thinking about it for a while… we’ll see

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What would you get if you did?


well - you see this is where it all goes into fantasy land:

70’s knackered harley
125 scrambler runabout to learn on and get me part A on (anything with an electronic start, I’ve done kick and really can’t be arsed now)
probably a dommie 650 cc or something similar after getting my part A


125? if i had to do it all again :slight_smile:

get you one of these!!! perfect for london!

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yeah - wouldn’t mind flat tracking that, looks very nice all in black with the yellow lens

quite like these for a laugh:

but I’m thinking something more like: