Brewdog Tower Hill

this has been open since May now, and I still haven’t been

We need to go :slight_smile:

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Agree! Its a matter of when!

When ya thinking?

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indeed - sometime soon
can’t do this week - how about next week ?

Yeah next week should be good for me!

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splendid - couple of pints after work… when were you thinking ?

Was hoping you were thinking of a day!

Oooo - you mean take off a day and get drunk

Perfect… did you have a day in mind ?

har har - i mean what day next week for a few after work!

Ahh - yes… I see, woz getting all excited there for a moment

How does Wednesday 12 suit ?

checking in with SWMBO. Will let ya know!

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Wife sayes “nope” - but given the question was “do you mind” i think that means yes… right?

that’s a definate newp - I think next question is when would it be suitable for you to allow me to go out and get a few pints down me neck

im 100% positive its a yes - will go for wed 12th - after work? Anyone else coming?

I’d double check to be sure
I hadn’t invited anyone else

Think we can mark this one comeplete… 2 weeks ago now?

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Yep - definitely… a great craic
Looking forward to doing it again :slight_smile:

when were you takin pics? lol

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hah ha
Have a great Chrimble Dogs and a smashing new year
Looking forward to catching up again then

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