Company Intranets


So we had a very old Drupal Intranet when i started. Had not been updated in the 3 years previous. I took it upon my self to give it a revamp and start publishing content and hopefully people would re-engage… not according to this screen shot :

obviously this is now a Joomla site. Ported over all the old content, restructured and have been updating regular.

Sometimes wonder why i bother!

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When I arrived where I am currently 8 years ago I set one up on sharepoint, I was the only who used it for about 6 months. I binned it because… sharepoint


never set up a new one using something that does not suck?

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I am on the hunt for the perfect network file share/intranet app that users will use and has minimal set up


joomla with some extensions.

Joomla is free but pay for a good document control extension.

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yeah… I should have mentioned minimal spend :slight_smile: