Desk Setup


Desk Setup :

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You need to pay the milkman :slight_smile:

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I want to see everyone elses desks now!


Of course you do :slight_smile:
Will oblige in a bit


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Far to tidy for a sysadmin :smiley:


Coworker to my left is keen on compensating in that regard

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For posterity, carefully curated and staged cubby hole wfh:


all the screens:

bonus points please for 2 bottles of whisky, 1 whiskey, matches and lighter fluid

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check you out with your 6 screens @s1em :slight_smile:

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shits and giggles

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should we be worried about the large bottle of lube on your desk @spartanmouse?

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Ohhhh - is that what it is


Only if you’re in the same building mate.

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Here’s my home office:

Gaming rig is to the left, video editing rig to the right.


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Video Editing “Mac” :slight_smile:

Whats the spec on the gaming rig?

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Hang on someone’s nicked a mac book pro off the table ?


First picture, desk on the right!

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