IRC -Freenode

While i love a forum format for Q/A and some chitchat, I have been an IRC addict for some time. You can find some great Technical information and support as well as general every day grind of sysadmin banter on freenode in the #republicofit channel.

If you are unfamiliar with IRC then download and try Quassel IRC : or alternativly head over to to use a web based client.

Pop in and introduce yourself!


we might have to rename it something more kingdomy…

I dont think there is any momentum to change the IRC channel - it works well and no benefit to changing?

Happy to go with the consensus in the channel on this but happy with it as is just now.

well it’s just with the demise of roit (which should have always been riot imho)… :disappointed_relieved:

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For some reason RoIT always pleased me in a way Riot never could…

ha ha - yes I see what you did there :laughing:

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