Kali on Windaes


So Kali has finaly come to windows :

Going to have to try this on home rig this week - anyone else been playing with this?


Sent it over to the compsec folks at job.Unicorn - it apparently lacks a lot of the built in tools.

Imagine that, Microsoft releases software that’s not ready for prime time.


interesting … if emasculated, looking forward to playing with it though

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Maybe I’ll have a play with it on Sundae :slight_smile:

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Yeah i knew this @CipherTheTerminator but even so - lots to play with for someone not permanently in the opsec role. And hopefully given a large enough audiance more will follow.

I will say the updates are broken on my windows KALI shell due to a kernel issue :

It’s a warning that your kernel does not support one of the security features APT uses to secure its downloading code.

Work in progress is the best way to describe it, yet look how Ubuntu in windows has come on leaps an bounds!

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