MCN Bike show



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Yeah i have tickets for the sunday!


You thinking of going?


bollix - I’ve got tickets for Saturday


Wife got me tickets for xmas - then told me there under her name so she needs to come with me?

Think thats her making sure i dont spend to much money…

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D’awwww - so sweet

It’s to stop you:

a/ looking at the stand personnel

b/ buying anything

c/ cf a/

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wait… stand personnel? :smiley:

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distinctly lacking… which can only be a good thing

I was going to upload a bunch of photographs here but not sure if this is the right place for it

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I only have a couple of photos… was to short a visit for anything much, though i did pick up the following to check out later :slight_smile:

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I got loads of leaflets etc… I’ll go through them tomorrow and post anything of note on here


How long did you stay for, would you go again and how’s about your fine laydee


They must have run out by sunday afternoon - got like one bag from an insurance company and a RST cat… lol

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I didn’t end up with any swag :frowning: