MS Tech Summit Birmingham - 24th/25th Jan

Anyone else making it along to the Tech Summit later this month?

Im arriving by train on the 24th so will be there about 10ish. Booked in for some azure training between half 2 and half 3, other than that, shoudl be free to meet up.

Staying in hotel near main street? bar street? If anyone is up for a drink or two and a bite to eat in the evening?


I’ll be around. Where are these mythical streets that Google hasn’t yet heard of? Up for a bevy and a bite anyway!


Ah - found it - staying in novotel on / near broad street.

Would love to have gone to this, but due my lack of any financial planning I’m going to have to miss this :frowning:

Which reminds me - Company paying and boss is coming along as well… so ill be on my best behavior!

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I’ve met your boss … not sure how long that will last :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there, flying in eve of the 23rd, return trip 26th round noon.
Can’t remember what hotel the UK office booked me at…

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@Kater you up for food and drink on night of the 24th?

Can’t promise till on the day, I’m attending with my UK division coworker and we have yet to put together a gameplan

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No problem, well it is an open offer so we will see at the time.

dammit I thought the one @Kater was going to was in March

Yeah, I went to the Amsterdam one last year, but this year there’s just 1 attendee from our company from UK and one from Mainland, hence the choice for the UK event.

I’m not complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Last year I sent said colleague my notes on sessions I attended. I remember these including things like “Don’t go to this session, the dude has a horrible accent” and “The beer during the networking hour wasn’t Belgian”.


That’s brilliant but makes it even worse I can’t go now :slight_smile:

so @spartanmouse - any idea where on whatsit street is good to meet up?

Would love to see you, but am going to be on best behaviour before I go in to hospital on the 26th…

Replacing anything vital @Huw3481?

Nah, they’re just checking that some surgery they did a few months ago is all ok.

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checked my booking, I’m at the Premier Inn

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Which one?

Premier Inn Birmingham NEC/Airport