New Bike - Honda Rebel 500

So went out and got a new bike at the weekend… A wee rebel 500 - nice step up from the Kymco zing 2 125 i have been riding for the last year ><

She will do 70 in 4th and plenty of pull through out the range of gears!


Very nice dk… very nice :motorway:

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Are you keeping the pillion ?
Are you going to customise the f out of it :slight_smile:

you weren’t tempted by the one behind it …

The shadow? of course i was, but i couldnt get the finance deal on it anywhere near like the rebel. and i think it was a 2004?

On my list of shit to look for and in order of priority :

  1. Windshield - that looks nice
  2. saddle bags
  3. Handle bars
  4. pegs position
  5. sissy bar

First to are a must, the rest are nice to haves.

Oh well… maybe next time :slight_smile:
tassles ?
waht are you doing to the pegs ?
panniers etc -

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what are you going to do with your 125?

Im liking your taste there @s1em - canvas bags for summer would be cool!

old 58 webbing… them were the days :slight_smile:

Not been decided yet… i doubt anyone will buy it… kinda wana keep it but thats silly.

Could be your winter bike ?

Might need to take a treck out here :

its an idea… though the 127 is so light and flighty in the rain and snow - im not sure thats a good idea!

That looks local to you - silvermans is in Mile end
Yeah - I was thinking the 125 would be easier to chuck around but you’ve already done that a fair bit in snow… and you didn’t find it fun… for the wee man - or get your fine lady to learn on it ?

hahahahahahahaha - sorry… hahaha

The wife on a bike… :smile:

yeah never know :slight_smile:

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If I rode bikes, I’d go for that one too. I know nothing of bikes but that one looks purdy. lol