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The below is a real basic setup for news feed on windows using ubuntu shells form windows store.

I have running for weather, rainbowstream for twitter feed and instantnews with news api for news feed from bbc.

What do you guys think? What are my top priorities for improvement?



Ill just put this here for future reference on using screen in terminal to split the screen :slight_smile:

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OK so seems im not cut out for screen - however tmux is lovely! cut one temrinal up three ways :

Thanks to rycuda on irc for helping me through it \o/ : #republicofit

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last post - just made it a little neater with the weather being auto updated as per rycuda’s suggestion :slight_smile:

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splendidly done sir and another seven words to take it to the level it will post

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Got facebook feed into a panel… well in some fashion - not currently happy with it but i can work on it…

used facebook-cli - but im not happy with the results so far…

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Looks good enough to be tinkered with
fb sucks ass

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turned on images in my rainbowstream ><

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very cool if a bit resolution unhappy

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