Rebel 500 - Sissy bar


Some pics from the weekend:


So the bike rack hits the tail light when i mocked up the parts on the rebel 500…

So… found some brackets i can modify to lift the sissy bar and rack :

Just need to tidy up, drill an extra hole in the bracket and paint it all black!!

Oh and try get the mounting bolts off the rebel 500 that seem to have been put on with a gallon of loctite!!!


And finished :

Test ride went well :slight_smile:


And some shots of the metal work :



Lovely job + you can still put stuff on the back above the back light if needs be :slight_smile:

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yup though not sure what ill be taking, just wanted to put some load on it to make sure it all stayed firm.


Those panniers from silvermans would look cool on it :slight_smile:


i have nothing to keep them from rubbing on the wheels do i?
not need bars to hang down?


I said look cool - not practical :laughing:

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so does this mean you’ll bob the 125 ?


undecided :smiley:

But its a possibility money dependant. neet to get it MOT’d first though.


Cool - do let us know