Room acoustics


Room acoustics, trying to establish if there is a problem.

image on the left is me saying the alphabet. Image on the right is me playing the following video from 1min until 1:08 :

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there’s a gag in here somewhere… just can’t bring myself to find it
so will defer to a proper audiophile tech


Have you tried saying the alphabet in English?

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Splendid XD


Your so proud of that pic huw! :smiley:

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On a different note - i have an acoustic engineer coming in on Friday to do a report on the 4 meeting rooms.

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Yes :smiley: I find it funny every time I look at it.


Interesting - I’m intrigued what they may find and how much they cost


So a wee update.

Had sales guy from come out and review 3 of our 4 meeting rooms. Measurements were taken and notes on construction materials. They then fed this into some software back at the office and produced a report on reverberation for each room. This is the time, in seconds, that it takes for a sound to decay by 60 decibels or a millionth of its energy level once the original sound has ceased. This is perceived as ‘echo’ by most people.

Apparently there is a BS for what you should aim for : BS 8233:1999 recommendation @ 500 Hz; 0.4 s- 1.0 s (speech- music).

Our rooms were coming out at between 1.7 and 1.9 seconds.

Armed with the technical data on how many sqr mtrs of soundsorba board we need per room we ere put in contact with a company to quote for supply and fitting (something soundsorba do not do). So we had Image Ceilings in over the weekend to do one of our meeting rooms so we could gauge the result. And so far it has been very positive.

Will keep posted on any further issues and wither we need to do any more work to resolve the sound quality.