Smart home - Lights


Have a couple of bulbs gone in the house now so thinking of replacing with smart light bulbs - however i have an Alexa and a Hive system so looking for suggestions / recommendations that would integrate nicely with those.

Anyone any experience in the home with smart light bulbs?



I have some

on the way for Friday but they are expensive. Anyone know of a cheaper make that’s compatible?



I’m google home/nest setup… so will probably go with Philips hue


Never used them, but aren’t the offerings from ikea compatible as well?

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Never knew this? Guess ill need to brave a ikea trip?


“TRÅDFRI gateway and app now work with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.”


Ta @Kater good to know… also I’ve found about:

no hub required

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Do you need a hub for these? how did i knot know Ikea does this? Will need to head there this weekend and check it out!

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£60 a bulb >< i was excited there as well… trying to avoid more “hubs” in the house if i can.

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I’m running Phillips HUE lights in my home. I don’t have an Alexa hub, but I do know that the Hue lights do work with Alexa.

Overall, I’m quite happy with them, and use them as primary and accent lighting in my kitchen, living room, and home office. I also have three HUE white (non-RGB) bulbs in outdoor fixtures. The outdoor lighting works entirely off of a preset schedule.

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In the end i ordered :

They work well - hooked up to my hive and controlled by alexa :smiley:

Still, Wife has problem getting the command structure correct with alexa sometimes.

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I’m running the Lifx bulbs myself. Built in WiFi, no hub needed.
They work with IFTTT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Cortana… and they work pretty well.
Yeah, the buy-in is higher than some - but they’ve got a rated (theoretical) life of 22 years, so will outlast a standard bulb.

Upside of them is that if your smart device dies, you can flick them off at the switch for a few seconds and then flick it on again and they’ll turn on like a normal bulb.

I have a colleague running a couple of their IR units, which emit an IR light when the main light is off - his camera system captures brilliantly in his shed.

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Like the IR unit idea @Berserkir-Wolf - will need have a swatch at these lights!

My in house security is lacking just now…